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Amial Europe Black Friday 2021 has finally arrived... and it lasts 7 days!

Amial Europe Black Friday 2021 has finally arrived... and it lasts 7 days! - Amial Europe

Discounted products, unmissable offers and coupons with further promotions: all of this is Amial Europe's Black Friday 2021. Which, on the occasion of the most anticipated day of the year, offers its customers the best tech accessories at the lowest price on the web.

But let's go in order.

Black Friday with us does not last only 24 hours, but 7 long days. Yes, it extends until November 29, the Cyber ​​Monday, an appointment dedicated to promotions on electronic products.

The whole line of our Amial Europe tech accessories, from the magnetic strap for AirPods to the protective cover for Apple Watch, is having extraordinary success: this is demonstrated by our 5-star reviews on Amazon. But we don't stop there because new products are coming and you have to take advantage of the discounts of this period to grab the news signed by Amial Europe.

Amial Europe discounts for Black Friday 2021

We confess: black is not our favorite color. Rather orange is, so much so that for us it is an Orange Friday 2021 in style.

And we will immediately explain why: from today until November 30 you can buy our products with up to 25% discount on the price. How to do? It's simple: from the product page, check the "coupon" box and the discount is applied automatically. Seeing is believing.

But it doesn't stop there: for our most loyal customers, the discounts increase if at least 2 Amial Europe products are purchased. We explain how it works: if you buy at least 2 products from our collection, we apply an additional 2% promotion on the order; if you choose 3 products, then the discount will be 5%; finally, if you buy 5 products, you will access the 10% promotion. Enough, we don't want to add anything else. Only: what are you waiting for? Happy Black Friday everyone, from the Amial Europe team!

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