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There are people who are drilling the AirTag (and it's not a good idea)

C'è gente che sta trapanando l'AirTag (e non è una buona idea) | Italian version - Amial Europe

No, don't do it. Drilling through Apple's AirTag to turn it into a keychain is not a good idea. But someone in the world is trying. Those of iFixit have succeeded, without breaking it, but it is absolutely inadvisable.

iFixit has disassembled the AirTag, the device designed by Apple to don't lose personal belongings. Basically, the AirTag doesn't have a keychain but Apple offers a wide variety to choose from. So - and this is the last time we write it - do not look for "creative" solutions that could irreversibly damage the jewel presented as one of the main innovations during the Spring Reloaded, the event during which Apple launched the innovations of 2021.

What's inside the AirTag

How we got to drill a product with an elegant design is soon revealed. iFixit experts have "opened" the AirTag to see how it's done inside - what's there and how it works. And they noticed that, in fact, there is some empty space. And that's where they made a hole in the plastic shell, using a drill.

For now we know what type the button battery is: it is a 3-volt Panasonic Cr2032, with an inconsistent weight that makes this product unique. More details and technical specifications on AirTag will come soon.

No pros, so many cons

The do-it-yourself solution of a hole in the AirTag has no pros, but it has tons of cons. The first is that by doing so, the Apple warranty is lost. And this was taken for granted. But the greater the risks: the hole could reduce the resistance of the small body to impacts and small crushing and, above all, the impermeability is lost. In short: making a hole in the AirTag makes no sense at all.


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