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About Us

Aiming to anticipate consumption trends and daily life behaviours through perennial product innovation: this is Amial Europe.

Vision is for us the dream aimed at defining the purpose for which Amial Europe came to light. The Mission, on the other hand, being the path to follow to achieve it, bears the burden of transforming the abstract concepts proposed by the Vision into something concrete, and capable of giving an effective role to Amial Europe's activity.

  • Our History

Amial Europe sees the light in March 2019 thanks to the gradual process of conveying analytical and practical knowledge, together with the skills, to the construction of the Platform.

Since its foundation, Amial Europe has had as a goal the anticipation of consumption trends and daily life behaviors by offering products with a highly innovative content. Both the experience accumulated in the various sectors of interest and the continuous analysis of the markets, in which Amial Europe has decided to decline its business, allow us to continue exploring new territories and reinventing the products of the future, drawing inspiration from the macro structural contingencies of the industries.

Amial Europe has entered the market with the aim of becoming the first Pan-European fully integrated omnichannel e-commerce Platform, upstream and downstream of the value chain. Thanks to the IT architecture, built over the time, Amial Europe integrates its own brand products with third-party brand products within its Platform.

  • Why Amial Europe

Amial Europe is born as a reaction to a need. If the proliferation of countless e-commerce portals has facilitated the possibility of buying products through new sales channels on one hand, on the other it has led the attention to small niches and only to specific sectors (in the case of small dedicated portals) or to a gradual but constant generalization of consumer sales (in the case of the e-commerce giants). Amial Europe is placed exactly in the middle, filling the existing gap and placing itself on a medium-high end product range, offering medium-high quality electronics accessories at the lowest price.

  • Our Target

Amial Europe has as its constant point of reference the B2C and B2B sectors.

  • Our Values

Amial Europe has placed people at the center of the project since the foundation. People have represented - and still represent - our main asset: they are those who are able to transform the impossible into possible. In a fast and constantly changing world, like the one we live in, we are aware that only thanks to the support of our people and their skills, unique and peculiar of their kind, we can continue - today more than ever - to adapt, to evolve and to reinvent ourselves. This is because we believe that product innovation lies precisely in flexibility, adaptation and resilience.

On a scale of values, what we would undoubtedly put first is uniqueness: unique stakeholders, unique people, unique customers, unique products.

  • Tools used by the AE Team

Amial Europe is constantly evolving, incorporating and including within the Platform the best observable practices in relation to the daily digital commerce activity. Our team works exclusively online using digital tools and video calls. The architectural structure of the Platform also allows for the sectoralization of the experiential contribution and the organization of the internal workflow in the most efficient and effective way possible.

  • Amial Europe responds to the Needs

In a fast and ever-changing world, to find a quality product at the lowest possible price is as important as to find the right product in the shortest possible time.
Amial Europe responds to these needs offering brand products, complemented by a wide range of third-party brand products, at a competitive price. These can be purchased through an experiential path obtained thanks to the design of an innovative Platform.

Additionally, the complete integration of third-party logistics services within our Platform allows us to carry out our business in various European markets, maintaining the best delivery times on our brand products.

  • Amial Europe and its competitors

The integration and automation within our Platform, both on the procurement and warehouse management side and on the potentially activable sales channels side, makes Amial Europe the first example of a completely integrated platform upstream and downstream of the entire process of online purchase.

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