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Mobility Voucher, the Ministry launches the app to ask for the 500 Euros discount [THE GUIDE]

Bonus bici, il ministero lancia l'app per chiedere lo sconto di 500 euro [LA GUIDA] - Amial Europe

The click day to request the 500 Euros discount for bikes, scooters, e-bikes, handbikes, hoverboards and segways has finally arrived. On 3 November, 2020, the Ministry of the Environment launches the "" platform to obtain a 60% discount on purchases (or reimbursement, for those who bought from 4 May to 2 November 2020) of sustainable mobility vehicles. Amial Europe provides a guide to the bonus, with the criteria for accessing it and the procedure to follow whether you have already purchased or are planning to buy, or, instead, you are a retailer.

The criteria for accessing the bonus

The mobility voucher can be obtained by adults who have residence (attention: residence, not domicile) in the Regional capitals (even under 50,000 inhabitants), in the provincial capitals (even under 50,000 inhabitants), in municipalities with population over 50,000 inhabitants and in the municipalities of metropolitan cities (even under 50,000 inhabitants).

Let's take an example: an 18-year-old from Milan (or resident in one of the 14 metropolitan cities such as Bari, Bologna, Cagliari, Catania, Florence, Genoa, Messina, Naples, Palermo, Reggio Calabria, Rome Capital, Turin, Venice and Milan) can buy an electric scooter obtaining a 60% discount directly at the checkout, by presenting the discount-voucher generated on the Voucher Mobility Platform. Let's imagine that the scooter costs 500 €: the discount (equal to 60%) is worth 300 Euros. So, our 18-year-old will only spend 200 euros on his new purchase.

The Mobility Voucher procedure



The Ministry of the Environment is making 210 million Euros available for the Mobility Voucher. This means that, starting from November 3, 2020, it will be a race (online) to grab the discount (or refund). Corriere della Sera calculated that "if all those who bought a vehicle equal to or greater than 833.33 Euro, therefore deserving of the maximum bonus of 500 Euros, had to present it, it would satisfy 420 thousand requests. If the average of the vouchers, more plausible, it will be less than 250 Euros, it will satisfy 840 thousand people". Therefore, you must be ready and quick to request it, following the procedure that we illustrate below.

"Interested parties - as written on the website of the Ministry of the Environment - will have to indicate on the web application the product or service they intend to purchase and the platform will generate the digital shopping voucher to be delivered to authorized suppliers to collect the goods or enjoy the identified service". The discount voucher will have a duration of 30 days, to be spent no later than 31 December 2020.

Attention: it can also be used directly online and the retailers will be indicated by the Ministry's platform. In order to generate the Mobility Voucher you need the Spid identity (Public Digital Identity System) or, for those who have already bought, the "talking" receipt (scanned in Pdf format) with an IBAN on which the ministry will credit you 60% of the amount expense. Is everything clear?

What to buy with the bonus

The mobility voucher includes purchases of bicycles, e-bikes, handbikes, scooters (new or used) and shared mobility services for individual use (for example: sharing bicycles, e-bikes and scooters).

Accessories for bikes and scooters

For those who love sustainable mobility and do not want to give up the convenience of using their smartphone at the same time, Amial Europe offers a mobile phone holder for bikes, electric bikes and scooters. The Amial Europe product adapts to any type of smartphone (screen size between 4.5'' and 6''), is made of premium, high quality shockproof silicone, which guarantees resistance and 360° protection. The mobile phone holder for bikes and scooters is easy to install and mount on sustainable mobility vehicles.


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